Our winter services shop is closed for the season.  See you in the fall!

Prices subject to change without notice.  Effective November 15, 2020.

Premium Tune – base grind, edge sharpen, minimal ptex and iron wax $60.00
Basic Tune – base grind, edge sharpen and buff wax $45.00
Kiddies Tune – 130 cm or less $35.00
Hot wax – iron $25.00
Buff wax – belt $15.00
Sharpen only $25.00
Base grind only $25.00
Binding adjustment  – binding inspection and DIN setting $18.00
Torque test – includes binding adjustment $45.00
Alpine mount – with jig, including Salomon shift $45.00
Alpine remount – with jig $55.00
Alpine frame touring mount – with jig $60.00
Alpine touring mount – with jig $75.00
Track system mount  (no charge with in store purchase) $20.00
Snowboard binding mount $20.00
Labour cost per hour $60.00
Repairs – see shop technician for a quote
Skate sharpening is not available at this time