Coastal Ski + Sport is Victoria’s disc golf destination!

We stock over 250 discs from five different brands! We stock INNOVA, ACE LINE, DAREDEVIL, KASTAPLAST and PRODIGY discs with a wide variety of plastics and weights. We also have 3 different types of sets for sale!  Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting into it, we’ll have something for you!

Being Victoria’s disc golf store…

We are constantly replenishing our stock, so if you’re looking for a specific disc please let us know so we can order them in for you! We also have starter packs from INNOVA which are a great idea for novice players. Don’t be afraid to ask our knowledgeable staff on what discs would be best for you and your play-style. We also carry ultimate discs!


We try to maintain an inventory of the ever popular INNOVA disc-specific bags, but these fly off the shelves quickly!
We bring in different styles of bags, with the traditional hip-style ones to full on backpacks!  Enquire as to what is in inventory or ask for a special order!


Our bags come in variety of styles and colours!

Please be forewarned that once you purchase a disc-golf bag you’ll have to then fill them with discs. We do not take responsibly for you purchasing 10 discs then having to explain to your significant other why you took such actions.  Additionally, we will not call into your work asking your boss for the afternoon off. We’re sorry.


While there are many places to play disc golf in Victoria- the two OFFICAL courses are at the Metchosin Golf Course and the Layritz Disc Golf Course.

There is also a course off Millstream Road out in Langford. Additionally, there is a disc golf course on many of the Gulf Islands surrounding Victoria including: Pender Island, Salt Spring Island, Mayne Island and Saturna Island.


The two official courses in Victoria are fairly easy to find via Google, however, due to the nature of disc golf there are always courses popping in and out of existence- best to buddy up with a local to see what’s what.

Additionally, there are courses in Nanaimo and as well as ones in the Courtney/Comox area!



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